Perfect English Sells.

Don’t let your products get lost in translation.

We provide editing services to global food companies, publishers, chefs, restaurants and establishments in the food service sector.

Think of words as the final ingredient to your product. 

Words provide your customer with important information on what’s in your product and how to use it to achieve the best possible result.  If you don’t use correct grammar and structure in your English translations, your customer can be confused, amused, or even worse, annoyed.  Culinary Editing offers a unique service to the food industry with its’ expertise and focus on food and beverage.  We review and edit your English content and make the necessary corrections to words, grammar and phrases in your publications.
We are here to help!

Proper communication is essential in all languages!

Websites, recipes, product descriptions and cookbooks – properly written, they ensure that product details, cooking instructions and methods are easy for your customers to follow, while delivering concise and clear information.  We want your publications to do exactly that. 

How can we help?

If you are translating English from a foreign language, or if you are going to publish a document that has been written in English, simply send us your material and we will review and edit it for you.  Websites, brochures, recipes, product presentations, technical sheets, quotations, trade show materials, menus and invitations all need the expertise of an experienced food editor.


Websites are the window of your business.  Make sure that your customer reads your message and sees your products – not your grammatical mistakes!

Product Brochures

Commonly used by companies to increase sales, product brochures explain your product line to your customer.  Application information and ingredients must be straightforward and easy to understand.


We have all read recipes that can be confusing and complicated.  Eliminate this by asking Culinary Editing to write or edit your recipes to ensure that your methods are easy to follow and easy to understand, step by step.  Give your customer the best possible chance for a great result!


Cookbooks provide instruction and creativity, and offer your customer endless possibilities.  Set the stage for a great story with easy to read content that is accompanied with great recipes and pictures.  Ask us to edit your cookbook and help you make your cookbook outstanding!