Skincare Tools Used by Dermatologists
Dermatologists use a specific tool that can help remove comedones. It has a small and large
loop and they place it over the comedone and gently press or slide it over it. You can buy a
comedone removal tool online or from a dermatologist 除毛器. It works amazingly well and can remove
comedones. There are several different types of skincare tools that dermatologists use, including
the microcurrent device, Dermaroller, and SolaWave.

Microcurrent devices
Using microcurrent devices as a skincare tool can help improve your skin’s texture and firmness.
It is an ideal way to stimulate collagen production and smooth out the appearance of lines and
wrinkles. Unlike electrolysis, which uses electricity to energize cells, microcurrent devices do not
use electricity. Instead, they deliver gentle, soothing currents to the skin. To improve your skin’s
texture, use a microcurrent device like the FIX pen.
Gua sha
The benefits of Gua Sha as a skincare tool are numerous. This massage tool promotes
circulation, which reduces sagging skin and puffiness, and adds volume to sunken features. It
can also speed up the healing of acne, though it should not be used on open or inflamed skin.
There are some side effects associated with using Gua Sha, but overall it is safe for all skin
types. If you’re concerned about your health, however, it is recommended to consult with your
doctor before using gua sha on your skin.

Dermarolling is a great tool for a variety of reasons, from acne scarring to fading fine lines and
wrinkles. Because the needles create a micro-perforation in the skin, collagen, elastin, and blood
flow are stimulated. This helps your skin repair itself and become stronger than before.
Dermarolling is especially effective on the face, as it can help improve the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles, as well as pigmentation and tone. And, the micro-perforations made by the
tool allow skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin.
SolaWave is an innovative skincare tool that combines four dermatology technologies in one
simple device. Its red light wavelengths are 660 nanometers deep, which is the deepest part of
the electromagnetic spectrum. This wavelength can be absorbed by the skin, resulting in a clean
and hydrated complexion. SolaWave was created by medical aesthetician and skincare expert
Cassandra Bankson.
The LightStim is a skincare tool that works by utilizing the therapeutic benefits of LED
technology. This device works by emitting a warm, soothing light to the skin. The red light helps

to boost collagen production while also improving circulation and reducing inflammation.
Collagen is a crucial component in the appearance of older skin, so this device can help improve
your skin’s overall appearance. After cleansing and drying your face, simply position the tool
against the skin and wait for it to beep for three minutes. Repeat the process on another area of
your face.